About Us


We are lonely, struggling, traumatised, depressed, feel stuck, isolated, angry, hurt, frustrated and misunderstood. As Muslim women, we often doubt our self worth and value within society leading to many internal battles, making it difficult to navigate everyday life.

We are sick, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We connect digitally daily, but our hearts have never been so disconnected in the history of man. We have become a consumer society, with a sole focus on instant gratification. 

We share so much of our lives on social media but secretly feel empty and unfulfilled. This façade is making us deteriorate from issues such as depression and loneliness, to name but a few. Success in this life doesn't have to look lonely and it shouldn’t be; in fact, it goes against our human nature.  

We need a network dedicated to supporting us through all the various stages of our life. We were not created to live alone and many of us recognise that we need to heal and let go of excess baggage and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck.

Sisters in Healing is here to provide a platform that will facilitate deep healing, connection with Allah and connection with each other.


Sisters in Healing is a platform, a safe space, for Muslim Women to heal, receive and thrive. A place to work on achieving the full potential that Allah has blessed us with. Let us explore the world together without self-doubt, isolation and loneliness. Let us discover new heights of success and thrive, knowing Allah created us in excellence for excellence.

The Village is where we can reconnect, with ourselves, our community and our Muslim identity as we support each other and remind each other what we can do as a unit, with full tawakkul (reliance) in Allah, The One who guided us to Islam.

There is nothing greater than physical touch and that is why the cornerstone of ‘Sisters in healing’ will be our live events, whilst working towards establishing our healing hub - our physical village. However, we intend to use the power of social networking and online connectivity to have meaningful dialogues about real issues whilst building a strong community globally.

Ultimately we want every woman we encounter to always remember that we serve the master of the universe who created us with excellence, for excellence. Our existence and every day we spend on this earth is purposeful as He doesn’t make mistakes.